Checked in at Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery. Yum

Checked in at Ocean Beach

Coffee coffee coffee

Check out my latest blog posts on New York Times interactives. It's a short one with good links.

Checked in at Vacaville Junction. Chilling

Boarding a train.

Someone brought Nesquik powder to the office to drink.

Pablo Morales shared 23 days ago

Check out the podcasts I'm listening to on my blog.

Over the last few months, I've been craving less meat. I still eat meat but it's not as appetizing as before. I don't feel the need to have it for every meal. It's kinda nice.

I've been customizing my site. It will be stunning soon. My Todo List:




Connect to Fedibridge

I'll need 3-5 business days to recover from the weekend.

Pablo Morales shared 26 days ago

I love brunch drag!

Pablo Morales shared 26 days ago

I want them all.

Rise and shine

Life is good.

Breakfast for the champions

I have a headache.